How We Do It

Enough about us, let’s talk about You

You’re juggling homework assignments, sports practices, dance rehearsals, music lessons, babysitting jobs. You have a huge Spanish test coming up and you really want that A…. You’re feeling the pressure to get good grades. You’re scheduling college tours.  You’re possssibly procrastinating a bit… putting off writing that college admissions essay (or truth be told, even selecting the topic for said essay  ::cough cough::  because honestly where will you find the time?) …and at the mention of the SATs?  The word “stressed” feels like an understatement.   Sound familiar?

It’s safe to say you have more than enough on your plates.  Let us start by taking stress right out of the equation.

Now, many of you are probably thinking, “pssh sounds great… but how?” You’re inquisitive. You want the facts. We like that about you.

So let’s get straight to it:

-          We start with getting a better understanding of you, where you are currently, and what your goals are

-          Through test results analysis, we identify the areas where you have the opportunity to earn the most points

-          We focus on increasing your score and decreasing your stress by concentrating on these opportunity areas

-          We contour a plan of study to fit your timeline, and your needs

enough about us… this is all about *you*