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  1. Brian K. says:

    Math was always a difficult subject for me to relate to, despite countless hours of extra help, and studying on a daily basis. My greatest struggle was looking at Algebra and trying to process it in a practical and logical way. This not only was challenging for me to do, but became very frustrating and left me with no confidence on how to learn new things. I began working with Lauren on a weekly basis and her patience and logical explanations were exactly what I needed to begin improving in Algebra, and building a template of understanding for basic functions of it.

    Lauren was able to take me all the way back to the beginning of what I had failed to grasp in class, and was persistent in making sure that I understood basic principles of Algebra before compounding them and learning more complex parts that were part of my curriculum. Lauren’s knowledge of the material at many different levels was always evident while working with her. One of her best traits by far was her desire to see her students succeed. The week before my mid-term exam she spent hours developing a detailed study guide for me to review and made herself available all week to ensure that I was able to do well on the exam. Lauren was able to figure out the ways that I learned and she built her review and tutoring sessions around them to ensure that I would not only pick up on Algebra, but retain it. I attribute most of my success in this class and the foundation I built for future math courses to be a result of Lauren’s hard-work, effective teaching methods, and willingness to see her students excel. I would sincerely recommend her services to anyone struggling in a subject and looking for a patient and results orientated person to help them move forward.

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