YouPrep Tutors

With over a decade of tutoring experience, Lauren Smith focuses on creating highly productive yet low-stress learning environments for students.  “Taking the stress out of the process is just as important as learning the material,” she explains.

Lauren can best be described as a teacher whose motivation and enthusiasm (which extends even beyond excitedly holding up absurdly large tomatoes in Italy) can only be rivaled by her academic expertise. Earning dual bachelors degrees in her four years as an undergrad, Lauren graduated magna cum laude from the University of Connecticut Honors Program with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.

The educational applications of Lauren’s background in psychology, coupled with extensive training in individualized teaching methods, provide her with the tools necessary to help students maximize their potential in the most efficient way possible.

“High school students lead busy lives, filled with extra-curriculars, sports practices, music rehearsals, homework, and the like,” she explains. “By individualizing students’ plans of study, we’re able to focus on the things that can help them reach their goals while eliminating that extra ‘busy work.’ ”

Assisting students in scholastically *rocking* aside, Lauren’s passions include (but are not limited to):  music, photography, entrepreneurism, and pretty much anything Italian.

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